PRO-MAX–AAP (cationic dry cleaning detergent )
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PRO-MAX–AAP is a cationic dry cleaning detergent incorporating state-of-the-art conditioning, cleaning and anti-static components.  The product was designed for use in “injection system” dry cleaning applications.  As an injection detergent, PRO-MAX–AAP requires no “charge” testing.


PRO-MAX–AAP was formulated for perchlorethylene, silicone and bromide type solvent systems.





PRO-MAX–AAP contains a carefully balanced amount of moisture in a cationic environment, enabling it to provide highly effective cleaning results over a broad spectrum of stain types, producing exceptionally bright cleaning.  This product provides excellent soil suspension.


Developed for injection type systems, PRO-MAX–AAP contains advanced de-odorizers which leave finished garments smelling fresh.


In addition, PRO-MAX–AAP contains special conditioning agents providing garments with maximum “hand” and drape.





INJECTION: PRO-MAX–AAP P is injected at a rate of 1 ½ - 2 oz. per 10 lbs. of cleaning

STOCK: 1 part PRO-MAX–AAP can be mixed with 4 parts water for pre-spotting.





PRO-MAX–AAP is packaged in 5 gallon pails.

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PRO-MAX–AAP (cationic dry cleaning detergent )

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